Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A tired ham hock after a day on the Ghetto Vineyard.....

Big Kitty is obsessed with La Quita the pregnant almost tame squirrel. BK spends her day under the walnut tree being terrorised by la Quita jumping from tree to tree chattering BS and gossip.
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in farming, cooking,gardening,jammin to "simplify" my life and lose the world around me. I've seen the DIY movement grow to another out of balance obsession. Don't try to pickle the grass just lay on it. Don't stock pile a hoarders amount of home canned goods just for the sake of the obsession. And...sometimes strawberry jam wants to be just that...Getting my Jam Biz official up and running takes copious amounts of time and energy so that is why I make a point to smell the flowers, lay in the grass and NOT pick every green walnut just because I have a recipe to pickle them.
Food is pleasure, food is love,that is to be the supporting actress in the movie of life. Not an obsessive preoccupation with every freaking detail and spending all day trolling blogs n sites for the most unique way to pickle a fig. My friends its all about balance and the ability to let food be a great pleasure not a great ever consuming mania.
And don't even get me started on the snobish clicque of food bloggers.......really? High school lunch hour all over. Suck it . They take the spontaneity and beauty out of the whole process. Stop photographing your braised short ribs at the restaurant you moron. Eat for god sake, be in the moment, not all moments need to be captured. The point gets lost.. One of the reasons why I love food so much is it isn't exploitable. Well Bloggys you proved me wrong. To celebrate food is grand; to fiend over it like a crack head is stupid. Its tomorows turd.
Ok I gotta go the dog just farted it smells like chicken n waffles with shit on it.
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Brenda W. said...

Wow, I can totally relate to your post. I feel like I'm in canning mania at the moment, and view everything (with fevered eyes, no less) as something I could, I must, I NEED to preserve. Thanks for the reminder to relax and enjoy. I must say, though, that homemade jam made with found (aka FREE) fruit tastes the best :).

(I, too, try not to get b(l)ogged down by seeing what everyone else is doing. A reference here or there, then I need to do MY thing MY way....)

That said, I enjoy your fresh voice and sane view of the world and food!

smoking whisk said...

so very true. Balance is the reason for the season. Hence me not writing much this past week. Needed toes in the sand and a margarita(not a Watermelon, Tamarind, fresh herb or passion fruit)but a good old lime oh lime and wonderful tequila....simple sometimes is the best....cheers my friend in food.

Peaceful Valley Farm Blog said...

I have 3 huge organic walnut trees and would love to try pickling them. All the recipes I find are from the UK, with a picking time of June...is it too late in the season for us in Santa Cruz??