Sunday, December 19, 2010

The treasures we seek usually lies under our feet...

We make the Golden Goose scram to get off the farm. We ask our best pal next door to help us woooo the hot chick. We trek through Costa Rica looking to find the self that belongs in Santa Cruz.
Why do we think life is a line ,drawing us to some far off horizon, but it usually isn't.I'd say it is a big circle and if I'm lucky,I'll find myself back where I started. Home again smarter than before.
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San Lorenzo Valley-20101218-00033.jpg

Picking Apple persimmons in the rain is like Mother Nature challenging me to the hanging ornaments on her trees. Girl is good at this challenge this weekend. 7 inches in 3 days....Time for another review. Where to go where to go.....Perhaps out to Davenport to watch the storm and eat.....perhaps.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

good time review of fog bank and bennies I did same 11/28/10 hmm

By night it's billed as "Capitola's funnest bar and grille" with Thursday Karaoke, live bands on Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday Pro Jams. But when the morning sun filters through its front doors, the Esplanade's Fog Bank morphs into a family-friendly breakfast nook

From the beautifully crafted bar draped with fishing nets, came a Bloody Mary ($5.25), heartily flecked with black pepper and horseradish in a slender Collins glass, complete with a spiced green bean and pimiento-stuffed olive. The morning brew was served with class in pedestaled glass Irish Coffee cups.

Choose from omelettes and house specialties ($6.25 to $7.95) served with soft, lightly seasoned home fries or a bowl of fruit. A Breakfast Burrito, stuffed with eggs, cheese and mushrooms and slathered with sour cream, guacamole and fresh salsa is more than a meal, as is the Eggs Benedict.

I began my own quest for the second best Eggs Benedict after falling for them at the Banff Springs Hotel in Calgary, Alberta. This fascination, apparently hereditary, has led my son and I to seek the perfectly toasted English muffin topped with the smokiest slice of Canadian bacon, perfectly swirled poached eggs pouring out their canary yolk, and a blanket of buttery Hollandaise with a hint of bright lemony tartness.

But this morning I took one for the team, so to speak, out of respect for my pork-abhorring friends and ordered the Fog Bank's Vegetarian Benedict ($7.95). Two halves of an English muffin were topped with slices of warm tomato, quartered artichoke hearts and the most wonderful meaty sautéed mushrooms imaginable; more flavorful than any circle of lean bacon I had ever encountered. Poached eggs surrendered their sunny interiors and the glaze of Hollandaise was buttery indeed.


Fog Bank, 211 Esplanade, Capitola, 462-1881. Full bar. Serving breakfast 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekends and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays. Serving lunch until 4 p.m. daily. Visit

MINE 11/28/10 blog post
just interesting not bad or good just interesting.

Mushroom Surprise | Santa Cruz Good Times hmmmm sounds familiar

Mushroom Surprise Santa Cruz Good Times

Hmmmmmmmm. look back a few weeks 11/28/10 my blog .......I reviewed this joint and on the Eggs Bennies. Veggie bennie no less. Very interesting indeed. I didn't see the BEAUTIFUL Nets in the walls? Who gives a crap about dusty set decor? I want food info. Compare reviews lets see who gave viable info for the dining public. The other oddity or strange ass coincidence....a review of a joint in Scotts Valley. I did the new Thai place GT did Chef Leiu ...ok come the fuck on. MSG palace of simple Americanized Chinese fare. Sweet N sour hot pink ...and an array of other artery clogging goodness. Just call it what it is. Hell Mings in Soquel is the BEST Cheap hot good American style Chinese food spot with the perfect tacky decor to boot.War Won Ton brimming with fresh Carrots, bamboo shoot, sugar pea,water chestnuts, spring onion and big white won tons filled with pork and fat shrimp. OH Chef lieu gave me Three disks of Water chestnuts, unidentifiable chicken hunks and well over cooked won ton and A SHRIMP. yea they rock. the grease to solid food ratio with the egg rolls not worth mentioning. Chef Leiu is what it is nothing more. That review was bollocks. dollar for dollar Mings will give you what you crave, hang over cure, lazy Sun eve meal where you are sure to bump into a neighbor in the same state craving that hearty no pretense good grub that is always a deal. The Veggies vary as the seasons change and that makes me smile. sigh.... very interesting indeed GT.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

my pal

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who burned the milk. or did the milk just get burned....

Today raw milk or cream is illegal unless aged 60 days in 22 states in the US,and European raw cheeses are legally required to be aged at least 60 days before being imported. The overwhelming majority of American milk has been pasteurized to the limits of taste and mutilation of this delicate elixir at temps as high as 171F..yea yea extends shelf life but creates these jacked up hydrogen sulfide gas, giving the milk a distinctive burnt flavour and lack of dimension the mighty white liquid is known for. I think about this alot during the winter months when I am feverishly hunched over pots of fall and winter fruits making my jams, conserves and chow chows all in wait for the "girls" to give birth in the spring and the milking season can commence. I am breaking the law every spring and summer producing my raw milk cheeses from local sheep and goats. Hold on Napoleon Dynamite is doing his dance routine........what that boy can do in a pair of moon boots.

ok I'm back. Soo back to me being the cheese 'dealer" small production under the laws and rules of basic safety and sanitation will produce an affair that will last your life time. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this today. I have a cold so I can't make jam and my head is spinning over the arcane methods we abide by in the USA over how our foods are produced. I guess enough Day Quil and my head begins to spin. So many people will never know or understand the joy of relishing food products in their cleanest form. Seasonal, local and simply made with love and care. We can't even get behind our children when sent to school and fed pure garbage and expect them to be able to produce academic achievements. I give I feel like shit. make some soup tonight snuggle up with someone you love two or four legs and enjoy this winter day. I'm gonna make some toast so a shot of nyquil and go off in a haze of glory. peace
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Friday, December 3, 2010


Still life with Fuyus in an Earl Grey Syrup. I'm up to eyeballs in Gleaned fruit so give me a few days to think of a topic and wrangle all this fruit into jarred submission.... Cheers T

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