Sunday, December 12, 2010

who burned the milk. or did the milk just get burned....

Today raw milk or cream is illegal unless aged 60 days in 22 states in the US,and European raw cheeses are legally required to be aged at least 60 days before being imported. The overwhelming majority of American milk has been pasteurized to the limits of taste and mutilation of this delicate elixir at temps as high as 171F..yea yea extends shelf life but creates these jacked up hydrogen sulfide gas, giving the milk a distinctive burnt flavour and lack of dimension the mighty white liquid is known for. I think about this alot during the winter months when I am feverishly hunched over pots of fall and winter fruits making my jams, conserves and chow chows all in wait for the "girls" to give birth in the spring and the milking season can commence. I am breaking the law every spring and summer producing my raw milk cheeses from local sheep and goats. Hold on Napoleon Dynamite is doing his dance routine........what that boy can do in a pair of moon boots.

ok I'm back. Soo back to me being the cheese 'dealer" small production under the laws and rules of basic safety and sanitation will produce an affair that will last your life time. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this today. I have a cold so I can't make jam and my head is spinning over the arcane methods we abide by in the USA over how our foods are produced. I guess enough Day Quil and my head begins to spin. So many people will never know or understand the joy of relishing food products in their cleanest form. Seasonal, local and simply made with love and care. We can't even get behind our children when sent to school and fed pure garbage and expect them to be able to produce academic achievements. I give I feel like shit. make some soup tonight snuggle up with someone you love two or four legs and enjoy this winter day. I'm gonna make some toast so a shot of nyquil and go off in a haze of glory. peace
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