Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mushroom Surprise | Santa Cruz Good Times hmmmm sounds familiar

Mushroom Surprise Santa Cruz Good Times

Hmmmmmmmm. look back a few weeks 11/28/10 my blog .......I reviewed this joint and on the Eggs Bennies. Veggie bennie no less. Very interesting indeed. I didn't see the BEAUTIFUL Nets in the walls? Who gives a crap about dusty set decor? I want food info. Compare reviews lets see who gave viable info for the dining public. The other oddity or strange ass coincidence....a review of a joint in Scotts Valley. I did the new Thai place GT did Chef Leiu ...ok come the fuck on. MSG palace of simple Americanized Chinese fare. Sweet N sour hot pink ...and an array of other artery clogging goodness. Just call it what it is. Hell Mings in Soquel is the BEST Cheap hot good American style Chinese food spot with the perfect tacky decor to boot.War Won Ton brimming with fresh Carrots, bamboo shoot, sugar pea,water chestnuts, spring onion and big white won tons filled with pork and fat shrimp. OH Chef lieu gave me Three disks of Water chestnuts, unidentifiable chicken hunks and well over cooked won ton and A SHRIMP. yea they rock. the grease to solid food ratio with the egg rolls not worth mentioning. Chef Leiu is what it is nothing more. That review was bollocks. dollar for dollar Mings will give you what you crave, hang over cure, lazy Sun eve meal where you are sure to bump into a neighbor in the same state craving that hearty no pretense good grub that is always a deal. The Veggies vary as the seasons change and that makes me smile. sigh.... very interesting indeed GT.

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