Monday, June 4, 2012

Not all eggs are pickled equally

So finally my banty silkie Boneless Chicken (dont ask) is laying up a storm. A little bigger than a quail egg theses little Ghetto gems started adding up in the ice box. Beer season is upon us and a good ole pickled egg is the best pairing to an ice cold Pils. 
I also just finished polishing off a batch of pickled beets and the pink brine was just begging for a new assignment. Blah blah forward two weeks........It is getting warmer and salads are on the menu.....
I sliced up some of the pickled beets, Cukes, red onion , a big avocado and slices of the Lavender pickled eggs. dollups of my fresh chevre...(only batch Ill do this year) fresh herbs, some pickle brine and a good drizzle of Kalamata olive oil.....popped open some beer and broke into a baguette.......summer has arrived on the Ghetto.....woop woop 

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Pam said...

OMG, YUM!!!!