Sunday, July 8, 2012

Class @ Cabrillo farmers market

Yesterday I had a blast talking to the Cabrillo FM folks all about jams preserves and the history behind it all. Also demo of a plum jelly. The Mountain Feed Store sponsored the class and a great day was had by all. Stonefruit berries honey cheeses flowers seafood veggies of all colors n shapes. A day of celebration of all things summer in SC county.  If you are in the area go up to Mountain Feed. You will not only meet some real salt of the earth folks who have more combined knowledge,soul and love for their community. You will leave arms full of possibilities with plants, books pots, preserving equipment, cheese making supplies or a recycled metal chicken. not only supported local but raised your quality of life bar. Odds are met a friend or two.....have a great Sunday all Im off to the beach........

Cheers, Tabitha

Friday, July 6, 2012

Damn it foiled again...........

So now we slide into week hopes for this place with my fingers crossed so hard they went numb......damn damn damn. ......second trip back.....I brought some folks for a meeting and talked up SUDA as the place to go for nibble n libations.
We cruise in at four an hour before service was over and well here we go....down the rabbit hole with nothing but the Madhatter(server) to unfortunatly guide us to the wrong door three times.
We were chatting and enjoying the sun outside and hadn't cracked the menu. Our enthusiastic server let us know service for chow ended at five. No worries we were giving the proper que that we were in no hurry. We then order drinkys n nibble before the server came and sat with us ....She hovered oddly while service wasn't over for another forty five minutes....
She returns after taking order (keep in mind this is end of shift not beginning) "we are out of flat bread " ok. Why she didn't know or check the chefs 86 board is beyond me but not terminal. So lets do mac n cheese..........she returns again. "we are out" now before I start guzzling the little "drink me" bottle I think to self...hmm wasn't she just in kitchen and got updated 86list? Understood it is end of service and pars haven't been set being so new but......communication between kitchen and front house is key to being more than a nice looking spot. Ok. Fish tacos it is. She never asked what side as the server last weekend asked me when I ordered same dish. Food arrives...WTF mac n cheese is put in front of us.....
WED I bumped into my friend and she said she and some girlfriends went for drinkys n nibble. Friend was one of my servers back in the day so I value her opinion.  Service sucked. Lack of menu knowledge to not being acknowledged for 30min.  They all just sat there.....lame. A good server knows if you are in the weeds SAY HELLO FOR Fs SAKE.
Are we looking at another piece of eyecandy that is just a box of rocks behind the scenes?
I Dont know about you but going out ain't cheap and Im not one to keep giving chances on my dime.
In my food biz id be commiting suicide if sometimes a jar of jam was ok or not good because I had a bad day.......

Don't open until staff is trained. Don't open just because you gotta start paying for the interior and don't think this town gives too many chances. So many promising places have come and gone due to lack of details. It is always the details that folks remember. You are only as good as the last plate served.

I'll try again in a month. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


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A little Estonian HEART with a Swede and a Russian at the helm in the HEART of the Point

well well well looky here ........driving down Portola last week and saw a sign and a grip of people sitting outside  of a restaurant space that has been doomed since the days of the titty bar SKINNY Mc DOUGALS......
Dan V (Harbor Cafe) and Mike Pitt(Castaways) had a vision and saw a void in outdoor dining with a full bar.
SUDA was born. Means heart in Estonian....Dan is a Russian and mike is Swedish yet the name says it all. The place is all Heart in the Heart of our beloved neighborhood...The Point.
We walked in with a happy visual surprise, the interior has been DWELLed Eames esque pod chairs with reclaimed (perhaps) wood tables with a family style feel. Large geometric wood lighting thingys and a bad ass (5Feet From The Moon?) cement hostess stand with succulents and air plants on the face of the dramatic statement piece to greet you. Local boys at the bar and a bevy of couples ,families and singletons enjoying a new space with libations to match.....
OK time for the nitty gritty. Granted Anthony has had only a week to de wrinkle his kitchen and service was a tad slow BUT our server was very sweet and communicative which makes a huge difference. I'd rather wait for yum that have hash thrown on the table for the sake of speed. We sat out side on a large wood table n bench with horse reeds to off set the design , and a caraf of ice water was promptly put on our table by a friendly lad lets call puffy hawk. We asked about SC Ale works and which was being poured and poor Puffy looked like I asked him to fart the Star Spangled Banner. So he went to inquire within and came back to let us know the kegs had yet to arrive. No problem.  Pints of Stella it was. There is a plethora of by the glass 12 oz(?) beers local and otherwise, fingers crossed Corrolitos Brew makes the cut.
Juices, kombucha, cocktails and pretty much what ever your thirsty heart desires is avail. Cool. Check.
Menu. Wonderfully simple and to the point with a nod to the season , Mexico to our south and a hint of  India. We were given both a B fast and lunch menu to choose from for our noon meal. I was pleased to see the Gluten free breads and meat alternatives for those who fear their canine teeth and  cant do gluten. BUT my eye went straight for the Bombay Fish Tacos....ohhhh my mouth began to water for the spice bomb I'd expect from the name. The city of Mumbai has over a million street food vendors and spice is the name of the game....My taco was paired with a jicima slaw with a lime and chili tang..mouth watering.  Boy Racer went straight for the Huevos Rancheros . Que to big grins. Our server a cutie who has definately has slung a plate or two, she was good had an opinion on menu items and was very friendly and inviting.
Five min ,ten min, twenty min and thirty passed. It was a bit busy but looking around most had their plates and or was settling up and only perhaps five tags were up for the kitchen. Our server noticed the lag and was great letting us know the kitchen is new and working out kinks. Good. Thats all I wanted to hear. Ofcourse this is what I thought and Anthony(Shadowbrook) wants the plates to be right rather than fast. Good job server. The food arrived two beers later and one application of sun block. Boy Racers huevos ......he was a happy pup. Instead of one fried tortilla with a pile of beans sauce and egg, he got a layered huevo love. Three small white corn tortillas with a layer of perfectly over easy eggs with black beans, cheese and in house ranchero sauce and a nice plop of fresh avo and crema. The server had asked if he would like some sweet potato hash which did not come with his plate. Have no fear a simple first week gaff of the details of the menu knowledge, but she rocked and brought him a side to check out and it was a nice burst of color with bright orange matchstcks of sweet potato and yellow creamer potato and red n green peppers. If I had to bitch it was a bit lackluster in seasoning. A hit of kosher salt a squeeze of a lemon and some fresh pepper would have lifted this beaut right up.Oh smoked paprika could have been a home run.....
My Bombay Tacos with jicima slaw looked wonderful . The engagement of the senses are a priority at SUDA I say bravo. OK Bombay.....when I hear the word Bombay I'm assuming intense spice combinations of curry ,cinnamon, coriander and chili .......the fish was lightly dusted in a spice mix(perhaps a madras curry blend) that didn't bring much to the taco party. The crunchy cabbage and sauce were nice and the fish cooked well but I did not feel the Bombay love. A shred of some radish, a hit of cilantro with the cabbage and a richer seasoning with a good blast of heat would have made my toes wiggle. Finessing details so this is not a complete negative in my book. The jicima slaw was a great contrast if the Bombay was bombing. The cool crunch and the citrus bomb of lime and chili  was a delight yet the raw red pepper chunks brought not much to the dish except color but some Persian cuke and some mint would have been kinda yum and something you would find in Mumbai (Bombay). Some times having a dish with color blocking is a great neutral to for the plate of such a colorful main item.  . Back to finessing details. The cut of the slaw was sloppy and the jicima was too big. small matchsticks or even a brunios (small dice) would be a great visual and texture that would absorb the marinade and have more symmetry for the plate. The over all is I really enjoyed my lazy Sunday on the Point. I did not check out the loo but heard the doors are very cleaver and the acoustical reverb on a busy day or eve could be a bit much for an intimate meal. This may not be the best spot for your MATCH.COM first date but kids cant do too much damage with this built to last restaurant in the heart of Pleasure point. Finally a spot that looks , feels and tastes like I'm not in Santa Cruz . Some day soon I hope other towns envy our food culture and restaurant scene.......soon and with SUDA here we might finally be on our way. Hipsters rejoice you have a watering hole for you to park your fixie  and a place to get crumbs in your big ass beard.....
See you on the flip side.....


Monday, June 4, 2012

Perspective ....view from tram on Boardwalk ....

Blessed be spring is here....

After last years lack luster berry "season" I have been chomping at the bit to get into my berry phase of FIC seasonal rotation, and now she is here.
Taylor @ Live Earth Farms called last week and said...."THEY'RE HERE!" A squeal, giggle and a "Bring it" reply and 10 flats of organic outdoor strawberry love landed on my kitchen stoop. What to do what to do......well being that I will gag if I see one more jar of Balsamic Strawberry anything so while the world goes right I took a hard left.....into Tarragon territory and the berries thanked me. Tender Meyer lemon, Tarragon, strawberries n brown sugar with little influence other than an introduction and jarring the spring berry offering is here. Enjoy. You can't swing a Cardoon without hitting a local shop with this gem on the shelf. Don't hesitate this season is short.......

Not all eggs are pickled equally

So finally my banty silkie Boneless Chicken (dont ask) is laying up a storm. A little bigger than a quail egg theses little Ghetto gems started adding up in the ice box. Beer season is upon us and a good ole pickled egg is the best pairing to an ice cold Pils. 
I also just finished polishing off a batch of pickled beets and the pink brine was just begging for a new assignment. Blah blah forward two weeks........It is getting warmer and salads are on the menu.....
I sliced up some of the pickled beets, Cukes, red onion , a big avocado and slices of the Lavender pickled eggs. dollups of my fresh chevre...(only batch Ill do this year) fresh herbs, some pickle brine and a good drizzle of Kalamata olive oil.....popped open some beer and broke into a baguette.......summer has arrived on the Ghetto.....woop woop 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love, Lanterns and full moon Sunny Cove Santa Cruz May 5

Its been forever I know. Friend In Cheeses JamCo has taken on a mind of her own....I finally got to go have some fun local style down at the Point on Cinco De Mayo.

My dear old friend Brian found love once again and we all celebrated on Santa Mo Beach....BBq, booze ,old friends and new a sunny day on 18th Ave was just what the Dr ordered for us...

The band was keeping our collective feet moving and the huge blond afro wig made its rounds. Folks passing by on their Sat afternoon ride stopped for a beer and a wiggle....I turn around and the Leals of EXTRA LARGE stopped by and got their grove on then hopped back on their bikes to continue their day....

That's just how it is here in the 831 ...when the sun is out the gate is open and the wafts of BBQ is an invite to all and any enjoying our little slice of paradise.

I think The POCKET was pretty empty that day and for good was Brian and Shellys day in the sun.....

This is why SC is my home...A friend is never far a beach is always close and there always be another perfect day waiting for you to enjoy..

Ok back to the kitchen churning away my fruity love dreaming of my next perfect day in the sun........

The pictures are @ Sunny Cove all of us sending lanterns out to sea....A promise for another day.....

Xoxoxo Mama loves You...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Sonoma Cheese Fest I go.....

A little sweet crean buerre to go with my jam for the 4000 folks all wacked out on lactic love tomorrow. SANTA CRUZ will be representin with FRIEND IN CHEESES JAM CO....God speed to me..........
Ha the toast stickers are band aides. Found @ Palace arts. Love it. Toast N Butter. Gotta love it.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Rosies Hip Jelly

Welllllll what is our seasons doing? Now is winter beginning or is spring so anti climatic because of the balmy winter. Six of one half Dozen of another I suppose...So what's a girl to do who relies on the seasons for my lil ole Jam Co to stay fresh and seasonal.....personally I'm so over my Fig N Fennel jam.....oh don't get me wrong she's a beaut but pricey and in need of dark winter nights and roasting legs of cloven hooved love I've been chompin at the proverbial bit for something new and something that is plentiful this time of year........
On my many random drives all over this county I've not only have noticed the daffodils and flowering Quince are in full early bloom yet the fields are rows of chocolate cake crumbs with out the new green shoots of a strawberry promise......Berry vines cultivated or wild are in complete dormancy....sigh. Yet! Alas! Ahoy! Rose hip orbs are twinkling in the sun road side to garden these Vitamin C rich Sceptors are so abundant I could not ignore.......
Soooooo...Taa Daa

A blend of Roibos tea rose hips from all over the county , orange peel,ginger root, lemongrass (grows great in SC)and a hint of cinnamon. Spicy bright and a perfect promise to summer to come.
Chevre season is about to commence and a pat of Rosie on a piece of Sour dough toast or with the last of winter milk soft Ripened cheeses(Tellaggio Itlaly) or even on a waffle...well Fois would be my pick.....

Love this one. A Pleasure to make and the perfect bridge from winter to Spring...
April fools day she will be on your local shelves.
Woop woop!
HA! I make my first batch and NOW we are to get 3 days of rain.... So happy. Which means I'm gonna go. I have 2 baby Turkens under Oprahs tail in a box in the living room and a fire in my near future. Oh and Bourbon....
Oh the Chicks......Whitney Houston and Lindsey Lohan.......Lindsey hogs the water and rides Oprah back and Whitney seems lost...perhaps looking for Bobby.
Good night

Monday, February 27, 2012

Whoa Nelly spring .......Ghetto haircut

Its that time again here in the SCMAVA. Haircuts for the kids. Pruning the vines from last seasons growth. Now Mother Nature we sure could use some more rain so Bud Break can commence on time for a heartier bounty than last year. Then again is our seasons shifting? Late rain and lower temps in April and May last year and this year the average temp is 65 through the "winter" months. Balmy beauty but will we suffer for it later this year?
My Buttercups, Grape Hyacinth,flowering Quince and Daffys are all in full glory at least three weeks early....
I guess Ill stop, drop and roll with Mother Nature and hope for the best. Oh but berries fingers are crossed cause last years late rains made for a lame season and me just using what is offered each season might mean another lean berry jam/jelly year. Shit.
Alas Green Rhubarb is on my spring hit list and no fear of running out. Yes Green Rhubarb. Never had it? Ill fix that.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

There is a reason to eat with the Seasons...New Leaf WS last night....

Adzuki bean soup with forbidden rice winter greens and local mushrooms...complete late winter protein
Pulusos teleme cow,Carboncino goat Italy, and Petit Basque Sheep 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"EWE" woulda had a grand time getting TWISTED

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing hosted this SF BEER WEEK event downtown Santa Cruz this last Friday night with Twisted beers from all around Nor Cal and food pairing from Honey, Cheeses, pickled eggs, Duck tounge, little baby cakes, awesome spreads with savory cheese cakes, Salsa, breads, nuts, salmon jerky, ice creams and me with my little pairing to twist is up with Corralitos Brewing. Full house 400 people ready to eat drink and have a great time. Now I've done so many like events through my travels as a fruit n curd wrangler and its always a coin toss on the jack hole factor. This night we all were in a groove that made for a great night. The DJ was keeping the mass in a funky sway and the fire chicks (didn't even know it was happening) was a great display (so I was told) in the balcony of the Rittenhouse looking down on our downtown Fri night scene......
Only kinda bummer....A few of the food folks (we all are local) were friendly enough to come by and say hello. You know who you are.......and I love the sense of community with those of us that have a similar business or know friendliness builds bridges. There was one.....walked by me when setting up. " HI THERE!"Came from me three time! Not even a glance. Ok he/she's busy setting up I get it. Ill hit he/she up on flip side.
End of night......ahhhh finally.
Down by the service entrance with Betty Ford getting packed up and chatting up some guests and fellow food freaks n brewers....again this person is loading up too. So I thought ok he/she sees my car with the Co. name and has to have a second to say HI how was your night. Yea No.....I waved and asked "HEY HAVE A GOOD ONE?" I guess he/she was too busy or didn't hear me......sigh. I guess its time for me to stalk this person......If this town is comprised of islands we never will be a community to be reckoned with. I will poke you with my olive branch until you say HI. At the very least you never know where a beautiful collaboration can occur until you take that first step...HI.
Ok . Guests. At these kinds of events we get all sorts of folks, personalities, diets and quirks. Its our job as the providers of said good time to be as flexible and gracious as possible. SOOOOOOO when there is a clear sign of what you are about to eat don't ask if the VENISON is vegetarian or pop it in your mouth before you know what it is....shame on you. Your mouth people; your sacred vessel. Respect it by knowing what you put in it before hand. Ask us all the questions you want none are stupid or not worthy of answering. But don't hold up 30 people from enjoying the fare as well. Sense your surroundings. If you want to further a topic wait till I can give you the proper attention. It also is not necessary to tell me if another food or beer was bad. Its all relative and I will not stop what I'm doing to be a mean kid on the playground. head may be down pumping out my delectable bites but I saw you. So please: it is a free for all event. Don't even pretend its your first taste by saying EVERY time you come back"ohhh I wonder what this taste like?" Honey own it I love to see folks come back and keep nibbling it means I did something right. I've got plenty so don't be shifty. I'm just laughing at your thinly veiled attempt at I don't know what......
Great night in my great town.
Kristen @ Serendipity you are so sweet and I love your product!
Farmhouse culture great chatting with you my lacto ferment friend
Delk honey well I just love you, pulled pork and your Habenero honey HAOO BABY
Nut Kreations Mina thank you so much!
Mrs As salsa you rock
Farmhouse icings I love your Choc Beet cake! Can't wait to work with you in future
Companion Bakery, Erin and crew I'm tickled to pieces that we have your love of bread for our fair town! Yum_O
Fresh Prep well Jody you know
Crispin cider...divinity, thanks for the trade making chili tonight to go with my bottles of cider.
SCM brew yum of course
Corralitos brew, Luke n Natalia n Mike you make me wanna do a little pop n lock every time I drink your magic elixir
 OHHHH who ever had the Beet beer I'm a convert and the German Sour Beer was amazing.
I didn't get to nibble the duck tongue but I have a feeling it was a fun one, the crowd around that station was pretty thick all night.
Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky boys got something pretty special goin on
Penny Creamery your showman ship and awesome "pops" looked fantastic! I love a good toasty meringue!

If I missed anyone I apologize.
Ohhh the Cheeses I wish I had time to chat with our local cheese producer...on my to do list this week......
Nice. Now its time for a glass of Cava and I'm going to go lay in the grass and look for inspiration in the clouds......
Tell someone you love them you will make their day........
Mama loves you

OHHHH SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAIN BREW  Thank You so much for a great evening!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of a wall eyed over bred fruit bat.....

Ok I had to post the craziness of BIG KITTY my insane French Bulldog of many talents....The other a view from my kitchen( professional not home that's up @ the Ghetto Vineyard) on a random night last week in Capitola. Beauty. So many versions and so many varieties like the patchwork of people who call SC home. A moment in time I know where I belong and wouldn't have it any other way......
Tomorrow TWISTED TASTING to celebrate SF Beer week. Traa lalalallalalalalalla My favorite local brewer Corralitos Brewing and Moi; Friend in Cheeses Jam Co are goin in for the TWIST....Almond Joy Porter with hints of toasted coconut will be sharing the spotlight with an espresso dusted Pecorino (sheep, italy, aged, cooked curd) and atop will sit my SCM Pinot Cherry.......Twist that!
Then C.B. Has a Witt Belgian with hints of toasted corriander that I'm doin the flavour hustle with Venison salumi my Onion jam and a dusting of sheeps milk Bulgarian Feta....HOLLA!
Which means I gotta go and start getting ready. The rest of you look around soak in the sights of what some times we all take for granted, like that perfect sun set that I'd never seen if I didn't look up.....

Big Kitty says good night!

Bourbon ohh sir I need a Bourbon please......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some days ya just gotta see the world from another view

Days come days go and some days seem to never end. Yesterday after sitting at the State Board of Equalization staring out dirty windows to Down Town San Jose and trippin on the humanity, I had to re start my brain back to zero.
I came home and saw this little purple girl blooming away like a flower show was coming in her honour. Ahhhh that's all right
Go on make dinner....

Friday, February 10, 2012

corn dogs and taxidermy and bourbon oh my!

3848 Geary
San Francisco Ca
Happy hour til 9

Well well well Im back . I guess per a readers suggestion that I get a life I guess I went out and not really got one but have been so busy having one that ole Bloggie got put on ice for a spell. 

Last week I had a delivery of fruity goodness and decided I needed some refreshments and nourishment and the first person I thought of was my childhood pal (broke my wrist in his yard circa 1982) Attorney/seasoned drinker and eater in the best corners of SF. SOOOOO a few FB messages later with request for no food trucks, exhibition butchery or shee shee ramen hut but good old down in dirty food with a soul for the sake of soul and a good bourbon ......Burke says BUCKSHOT on 3rd /Geary just past Japan town. I walk up to your usual suspect college bar with nothing to give you the idea some serious food is goin on inside...Sit down to a well worn stool with the GOONIES playing on the tube with 100 glasine eyes staring at me from their taxidermy mounts.Cool. graffiti loo stalls and a bearded bloke holding court at the helm of the bar stocking up for the night to come. OK whatever I felt at home. Scottish Hammer please . Then I see in the far side of the bar a large chalk board with a list of your "normal"bar food offerings. So I thought. From behind the bar a young tatted ,ears like gummy rings and a bright grin, told me he was the cook. Not the chef they have clip boards not a guitar pick in his pocket. Then the talk of the food began. (S Hammer #2)80/20 burger with a fried egg and house pickles....Bratworst dipped in cornmeal batter, mac n cheese with crispy pig bits and a plate of his in house pickled onions, peppers and cukes. Oh shit and the sweet fat cut rings..... exercise in what seems so simple really is not. My burger was a perfect med rare and the sausage corny made me all warm n fuzzy while the mac n cheese just brought it all home in a creamy highway of lactose love. Between bites , sips and stories of the ridiculous I munched on the crisp pickled lil cukes, peppers and onions. A perfect cut to all the fat. (Hammer#3) we talked food ate and drank with what I call the way real SF likes to do it. In their own neighbourhood bar with simple clean food that doesn't need a  goober with his shades behind his head talkin about Flavour town and puttin his fingers where they dont belong. Andy cooks because he loves it. A full happy grin and a good tip is all he needs to know job well done. 
Go early before the college crowd arrives and disturbs your Japanese horror flick on the boob and an audible conversation with the staff. 
Ill be back and you should go. 

if you see Andy tell him I said HI

If I had to suggest anything a good in house curry katsup with the dog would have made me propose to Andy.....

Cheers...Mama loves you


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breathe in the aroma;change is in the air

Aromatics.....the reason for the season. The foods are heartier, the back drop becomes golden and my ass begs for a baked potato....Carbs are my cryptonite,what of it....

A French cook willoften use the phrase les aromates to describe not only herbs n spices that will go into her dish,but also the aromatic vegtables-carrots,celery,turnips and a plethora of the roudy onion(allium)family-of which the flavours all must balance and compliment each other.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hippophagy.....its what's for dinner.....

Why don't we Americans eat Horse? Calm down you little Buck a roo let me explain....well its redder than beef and we Red Blooded Americans love us some RED Meat. It is a sweeter flesh than beef hence the need to dump ketchup could be averted. Texture beats beef as an old horse or colt will both have a tender quality without the pricey breeding or genetic tom foolery. Lean and unmarbled flesh should be a draw in this health concious time.
Now as I scratch my head the puzzle gets all SUDOKU on me when I think about all the horse consumed by our European brethern. From the French who we usually so closely watch what's on their plate (up to 4lbs annually per french person and one in 3 consume it regularly) Belgium, Italy, Germany, Russia and the Dutch to name a few. This is more lamb ,Veal or Mutton us Americans eat annually....In Japan it is becoming a very popular Sukiyaki dish rising to 3% of Japans meat consumed is Nelly the Horse.
Ohhh I know they are so smart and we would NEVER eat an intelligent beast...I put my bet on a Pigs intellect over a horse any day.
This equine beast has had his highs and lows in the worlds culinary history....let's dip into this trough and see what we find.......

Way back when Grandpa was a teen during the Stone Age, hunters gorged themselves north and south of the equator on Wild Horses. The Asiatic pastorialists who first domesticated this beast enjoyed its bounty as did the PRE Christian folks of N Europe;NOM NOM NOM. Then during the rise of the Middle Eastern Empire the taboo began... Romans refused to indulge and during early medieval times the horse was receiving the European Sacred Cow status. Some crazy papal decree kept starving Midievalans from having this rich protein . Then a few years pass(yes Pat my PHd of history everyone know more than a few years) French Revolution brought the Equine treat back to the Euro plate. By the 19th century is was WHATS FOR DINNER all across Europe minus Britain.( They said blech) By WW1 13 thousand tons eaten then by WW2 the trend reversed again. Why the green light red light acceptability of this protein source is so interesting. AND why did the Brits and americans avoid it all together?
I could blather on and on about the Mongol warriors feasting on the blood and flesh while washing it down with fermented horse milk, or about ......crap my Sciatica is donkey punching me in my back I gotta stop ......I'm not done with this so bare with me while I go lay on my back legs in air and a opium drip...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Foodies in exile set a proper table

When one entertains, there are many things that are just as important as the perfectly deviled egg: the WELCOME; the fastidiousness of the table. Now not a perfect break in the linen or symmetrical bouquet....Boring.
The happy reception of ease for the guests is the opening strain of the evenings agreeable rhythm to lull your people to gentle culinary submission.
Brillat_Savarin " To entertain a guest is to charge ones self with the guests comfort and happiness,during all the time he is under ones roof"
Such preparation takes time and thought. More so than the menu at large. If the feeling is cold and sharp no matter the perfection of a brulee'd hunk of Dolcetto will ever cure such chill.
Sooooo caught up in the task to woo and amaze this age of TOP CHEFS and MASTERS the art of entertaining is becoming lost in a cloud of Porcini dust.....
Relax... food is our friend. The Glue that binds most relationships, and like a good relationship try too hard and the souffle will fall.
Enough utensils . A plate of proper temp. ( Keep your cold plates cold your hot plates hot ; if you have to ask then meet your friends @ Chilis) A glass to fill and some interest of season represented some where. The rest is on you to be the glitter to be taken home in your guests hair and bra. The memory of a good time with out the vision of the little man behind the curtain.
A perfectly executed PBnJ is a better party than a nervously presented Pheasant...........
I felt it was time to blather a bit I've been oh so neglectful of my dear Blog. Starting a biz becomes a child and mine has spit up got colic and a mean case of the shits...This too shall pass.

mama loves you