Sunday, February 19, 2012

"EWE" woulda had a grand time getting TWISTED

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing hosted this SF BEER WEEK event downtown Santa Cruz this last Friday night with Twisted beers from all around Nor Cal and food pairing from Honey, Cheeses, pickled eggs, Duck tounge, little baby cakes, awesome spreads with savory cheese cakes, Salsa, breads, nuts, salmon jerky, ice creams and me with my little pairing to twist is up with Corralitos Brewing. Full house 400 people ready to eat drink and have a great time. Now I've done so many like events through my travels as a fruit n curd wrangler and its always a coin toss on the jack hole factor. This night we all were in a groove that made for a great night. The DJ was keeping the mass in a funky sway and the fire chicks (didn't even know it was happening) was a great display (so I was told) in the balcony of the Rittenhouse looking down on our downtown Fri night scene......
Only kinda bummer....A few of the food folks (we all are local) were friendly enough to come by and say hello. You know who you are.......and I love the sense of community with those of us that have a similar business or know friendliness builds bridges. There was one.....walked by me when setting up. " HI THERE!"Came from me three time! Not even a glance. Ok he/she's busy setting up I get it. Ill hit he/she up on flip side.
End of night......ahhhh finally.
Down by the service entrance with Betty Ford getting packed up and chatting up some guests and fellow food freaks n brewers....again this person is loading up too. So I thought ok he/she sees my car with the Co. name and has to have a second to say HI how was your night. Yea No.....I waved and asked "HEY HAVE A GOOD ONE?" I guess he/she was too busy or didn't hear me......sigh. I guess its time for me to stalk this person......If this town is comprised of islands we never will be a community to be reckoned with. I will poke you with my olive branch until you say HI. At the very least you never know where a beautiful collaboration can occur until you take that first step...HI.
Ok . Guests. At these kinds of events we get all sorts of folks, personalities, diets and quirks. Its our job as the providers of said good time to be as flexible and gracious as possible. SOOOOOOO when there is a clear sign of what you are about to eat don't ask if the VENISON is vegetarian or pop it in your mouth before you know what it is....shame on you. Your mouth people; your sacred vessel. Respect it by knowing what you put in it before hand. Ask us all the questions you want none are stupid or not worthy of answering. But don't hold up 30 people from enjoying the fare as well. Sense your surroundings. If you want to further a topic wait till I can give you the proper attention. It also is not necessary to tell me if another food or beer was bad. Its all relative and I will not stop what I'm doing to be a mean kid on the playground. head may be down pumping out my delectable bites but I saw you. So please: it is a free for all event. Don't even pretend its your first taste by saying EVERY time you come back"ohhh I wonder what this taste like?" Honey own it I love to see folks come back and keep nibbling it means I did something right. I've got plenty so don't be shifty. I'm just laughing at your thinly veiled attempt at I don't know what......
Great night in my great town.
Kristen @ Serendipity you are so sweet and I love your product!
Farmhouse culture great chatting with you my lacto ferment friend
Delk honey well I just love you, pulled pork and your Habenero honey HAOO BABY
Nut Kreations Mina thank you so much!
Mrs As salsa you rock
Farmhouse icings I love your Choc Beet cake! Can't wait to work with you in future
Companion Bakery, Erin and crew I'm tickled to pieces that we have your love of bread for our fair town! Yum_O
Fresh Prep well Jody you know
Crispin cider...divinity, thanks for the trade making chili tonight to go with my bottles of cider.
SCM brew yum of course
Corralitos brew, Luke n Natalia n Mike you make me wanna do a little pop n lock every time I drink your magic elixir
 OHHHH who ever had the Beet beer I'm a convert and the German Sour Beer was amazing.
I didn't get to nibble the duck tongue but I have a feeling it was a fun one, the crowd around that station was pretty thick all night.
Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky boys got something pretty special goin on
Penny Creamery your showman ship and awesome "pops" looked fantastic! I love a good toasty meringue!

If I missed anyone I apologize.
Ohhh the Cheeses I wish I had time to chat with our local cheese producer...on my to do list this week......
Nice. Now its time for a glass of Cava and I'm going to go lay in the grass and look for inspiration in the clouds......
Tell someone you love them you will make their day........
Mama loves you

OHHHH SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAIN BREW  Thank You so much for a great evening!!!!


j. Sequoia said...

Im glad I made the blog even if it was from behaving inappropriately!

smoking whisk said...

huh? whats you blog?

Peaceful Valley Farm Blog said...

I love Ewe! And, for the record, 'cause it's been bugging me ever since...I saw you at Aaron's closing party, meant to say hi, but every time I tried I failed. Then I didn't see you. I'm really not one of THOSE peeps. ;-)

smoking whisk said...

no were there? girl you gotta bonk me over head. Im in a fog regarding my surroundings when Im not sorry.. lunch soon.