Monday, February 27, 2012

Whoa Nelly spring .......Ghetto haircut

Its that time again here in the SCMAVA. Haircuts for the kids. Pruning the vines from last seasons growth. Now Mother Nature we sure could use some more rain so Bud Break can commence on time for a heartier bounty than last year. Then again is our seasons shifting? Late rain and lower temps in April and May last year and this year the average temp is 65 through the "winter" months. Balmy beauty but will we suffer for it later this year?
My Buttercups, Grape Hyacinth,flowering Quince and Daffys are all in full glory at least three weeks early....
I guess Ill stop, drop and roll with Mother Nature and hope for the best. Oh but berries fingers are crossed cause last years late rains made for a lame season and me just using what is offered each season might mean another lean berry jam/jelly year. Shit.
Alas Green Rhubarb is on my spring hit list and no fear of running out. Yes Green Rhubarb. Never had it? Ill fix that.

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