Friday, February 10, 2012

corn dogs and taxidermy and bourbon oh my!

3848 Geary
San Francisco Ca
Happy hour til 9

Well well well Im back . I guess per a readers suggestion that I get a life I guess I went out and not really got one but have been so busy having one that ole Bloggie got put on ice for a spell. 

Last week I had a delivery of fruity goodness and decided I needed some refreshments and nourishment and the first person I thought of was my childhood pal (broke my wrist in his yard circa 1982) Attorney/seasoned drinker and eater in the best corners of SF. SOOOOO a few FB messages later with request for no food trucks, exhibition butchery or shee shee ramen hut but good old down in dirty food with a soul for the sake of soul and a good bourbon ......Burke says BUCKSHOT on 3rd /Geary just past Japan town. I walk up to your usual suspect college bar with nothing to give you the idea some serious food is goin on inside...Sit down to a well worn stool with the GOONIES playing on the tube with 100 glasine eyes staring at me from their taxidermy mounts.Cool. graffiti loo stalls and a bearded bloke holding court at the helm of the bar stocking up for the night to come. OK whatever I felt at home. Scottish Hammer please . Then I see in the far side of the bar a large chalk board with a list of your "normal"bar food offerings. So I thought. From behind the bar a young tatted ,ears like gummy rings and a bright grin, told me he was the cook. Not the chef they have clip boards not a guitar pick in his pocket. Then the talk of the food began. (S Hammer #2)80/20 burger with a fried egg and house pickles....Bratworst dipped in cornmeal batter, mac n cheese with crispy pig bits and a plate of his in house pickled onions, peppers and cukes. Oh shit and the sweet fat cut rings..... exercise in what seems so simple really is not. My burger was a perfect med rare and the sausage corny made me all warm n fuzzy while the mac n cheese just brought it all home in a creamy highway of lactose love. Between bites , sips and stories of the ridiculous I munched on the crisp pickled lil cukes, peppers and onions. A perfect cut to all the fat. (Hammer#3) we talked food ate and drank with what I call the way real SF likes to do it. In their own neighbourhood bar with simple clean food that doesn't need a  goober with his shades behind his head talkin about Flavour town and puttin his fingers where they dont belong. Andy cooks because he loves it. A full happy grin and a good tip is all he needs to know job well done. 
Go early before the college crowd arrives and disturbs your Japanese horror flick on the boob and an audible conversation with the staff. 
Ill be back and you should go. 

if you see Andy tell him I said HI

If I had to suggest anything a good in house curry katsup with the dog would have made me propose to Andy.....

Cheers...Mama loves you


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