Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crab Season means local crab? Right? Am I wrong?

Dinner at the Chop house right smack dab in Pleasure Point not an eighth of a mile to the water. Keepin this one simple. Jess and I family styled it at the bar for a quick little bite and a dirty Martini. We shared an order of Crab Cakes. MMMMMM Crab Season had just landed so we both were excited to sink our teeth into some D Crab. Uh yea no. Frozen crab in a puck with a TON of slaw (perhaps take attention away from the Crab dilemma) Some shwag to lube the scene. Whatever once again make me pay for product sourced elsewhere. Now why would they use crab from our Bay??? Nahhhhh. Chowder was a gluey affair as well. The Steak was GREAT well seasoned cooked med rare perfect and the veg was uninspired .Different shaped huge carrot pieces al dente to not nice. The Beans were fine. The spud was a spud well roasted with a bit o salty crust. Martinis were good. Very chilled glass with a nice briney balance to ensure the happy dirty Martini girl in me. In the end nice space the 80s have left the building from the former haunt PORTOLA HOUSE. Staff was nice ,but not nice enough to compensate for the Ehh food. Almost $80.00 with tip. Whatever, I'm cookin at home rest of week. I did my economic stimulus contribution.

3326 Portola Drive Santa Cruz,Ca

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