Monday, November 22, 2010

apple for your thoughts

It so seems us humans are not content with eating only what grows on or walks the Earth around us,but that we long to put new foods in our pantries. Many things determine what we consume; where we live,climate,soil,and geography of place. Human factors like social status,whether we live in times of war or times of Peace. Whether we ourselves or our communities live in isolation or in proximity to others. A few examples of all the factors that go into how we chow. But if we opened our eyes look around and see all the food hanging on trees ,bushes and on the road side a word comes to mind. GLEANING. These amazing Pipens I have been Gleaning on the Summit. How many years has this little tree been producing such lovely orbs with nobody to love such hard work. Well I'm here to Glean the county of lost produce.
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