Friday, November 12, 2010

To know Cheese is to Love Cheese

This is the time of year when I miss churning the Goat curds. Spring seems so far far away. Raw milk cheeses are still illegal in the US unless they are aged 90 days. The Govt. protects us from unethical manufacturing of cheeses hmmmm. They can not regulate sanitation or support artisnal methodology thus we as Americans who want fresh Raw Milk Cheeses have to rely on the small band of us rouge cheese makers that abide by the rules of the DO, DOC, DOCG ,AO, AOC, on and on. Ha! Im like a underground Cheese dealer. But I guarantee you I wont be selling dime bags of these lovely lumps. Until Americans realize they can not have anything they want to eat when ever they want it, this will continue to happen. A tomato in Feb is just wrong. respect your seasons for starters. Like Chevre the fresh Goats Milk cheese. NEVER should you be buying or consuming this spring and summer cheese in the winter months. Goats must rut in the Fall and Kid in the Spring to have a healthy life span. To milk a Goat to Death brings lower quality,is unethical and just doesn't compare. But American producers churn out the tasteless white fluff year round and pasteurized to death to help lengthen shelf life and keep up with uninformed demand. BLECH. Whole point is missed on the beauty of this amazing cheese. To be able to go to the Farmers Market in late spring to see the Lilly white mounds, Crotins, boulettes, bandons, coers, figues, lingots and taupinieres all from the Spring milk of healthy goats who had Kidd a Month before and now is gorging on spring grasses, flowers wild onions and it all translates into the fresh raw milk cheeses. Now is the time to enjoy Goat cheeses of different types such as a beautiful washed rind raw goats milk such as an Aged Gouda. At least 12 months of age and made from late summer Alpine raw Goats Milk. Beemster, Boekrenkaas, Saenkanter, Prima Kase from WI. Point is you can enjoy the milk any time but the incarnation must be respected. A beautiful Goat Gouda will sing with root Vegetables and dense breads slathered with the jams, Butters, Jellies canned from the past summers bounty. Mother Nature gives to the hints to how to traverse your eating world. Now pay attention.......

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