Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When I begin my rants n bitch session think of me as this beauty just tryin my best to get that word out on how low low low the bar is in the food scene is in Santa Cruz. Now Im going not not make friends here I have a feeling. But dont suck dont try to fool the public(house made ranch dosnt have guar gum and comes in a fucking Tub) . We do have a movement slow as it is that I love. BUT BUT BUT BUT a night out in a restaurant is a hard expensive gamble. Y'all keep asking me where do I eat in Santa Cruz. I uhhh hem and haw bidding for time to come up with an ansewer. uuuh hmmm lets see. Well i did say OSWALDS god Demani I love you....i was such a fan back in the day. Then ya moved and well let see. I licked my lips at every drop of the muddled organic wild strawberry Mojito. I sucked my fingers after the Fois. ( fishin with dynomite) Fois is the star. Then the glasees crashed and the waiter might as well farted as he told me....The Halibut special tonight is from Alaska. WTF ? soooo in the fricking middle of a very prolific Halibut season right here in our own bay and selling for as low as $4.00a lb. AND you decide to pay for a frozen hunk of Alaskan halibut age unknown and how much energy did it take to get here. Piss . really . Took the piss right outta me. Fine SC keep allowing this and nothing will change., just cause the waiter is hip and the glasses are Riddel dont let your reality be fooled. anyone can frost a turd.
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