Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eye of the Turophile

Universal hungers are few: Who dreams hotly of Souffle'? But wine once loved ,remains a passion: so too with bread ,salt and perhaps meat. As for cheese it is a love that is inherent in humanity. Oh yes the Chinese...they like it little. Linking all milk products with their herdsman-conquerors, the Tartars, and Mongols to name a few. Like its great brethren, bread and wine, cheese is born of a miracle. At the very instant when the milk is on the long lumpy, bumpy road to ruin, mysterious lactic acid or the more mysterious ferment and rennet works like grace upon it and raises it to the higher life of curd. It has traveled in one superb celestial arc to the very end of the Milky way.

Me Teaching at THE CHEESE SCHOOL in San Francisco, Ca
The more we know the better we feel
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