Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eggs are cheap but it's the thought that counts.

Breakfast at Hoffmans was a pleasant affair but.........there was a WTF moment or two. Lets begin. Gonna keep it simple today I'm up to eyeballs in jam production today. Harvested Merlot and made a Ppomegranate Cardamon Merlot Jelly. OK Hoffmans. Lovely little currant studded scones came out while we waited for our eggs, but to my dismay only had foil wrapped pats of butter and disks of some origin unknown jelly packs to lube up my scone. Now really? A bakery that has at least ten gallons at any time of  cream cant make their own sweet cream butter to go with the time and energy that went into the scone? Shame. Its the whole picture that counts. Then the jelly dilemma was even more annoying. A BAKERY THAT CAN'T MAKE JAM? sigh. Don't know what to say.Soooo all those fruit fillings in Hoffmans cakes,tortes pies etc...are origin unknown as well......I don't understand. Go big or go home. All the ingredients,equipment and payoff are already there in the kitchen ,so why pay to have pre made food brought into your establishment to play a paltry second fiddle to a lovely pastry. Well Santa Cruz please pay attention you just paid ten bucks for yer eggs at the very least they can make all the food in house. I had the Bennie with artichoke crowns and added sauteed spinach all on a toasted slab of sourdough with very yummy Hollandaise. Three eggs was a bit much but it was nice. Potatoes were potatoes. Cooked well i'd love to see a little griddle crust on them but again they were good. Coffee was abundant and very good. I hope hope hope it was Fair Trade. Hell don't we all want a fair wage for a fair days work. Last the server. he is a pro. I liked his style and worked his section with ease. It was a full house and he was runnin the show. Good Job. I'll be back but I will keep griping about the little things cause that's what life is about the little details. Good day.

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Katherine said...

Smoking Whisk, meet Hungry Gerald.
Enjoy. I enjoy both of your blogs.