Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a $5.00 potato?

I love the ole Neo Hippy Veg joint that has been feeding nuts n grains to the masses for years. Today working on my little diddy on winter milk cheeses, I got hungry for a good old baked potato and a cuppa tea. So I belly up to the order counter and open the paper menu with a plethora of Hippy delights. Tempeh, tofu,fakin bacon all whipped up any way imaginable. Sweet a bit o old skool SC at its best. Order I do. "A baked potato please and a cuppa Moroccan mint tea" smile. My dear little hippy nugget looked back and let me know for the $2.25 I get a naked potato....Uh ok well im hooked I want the damn spud. So I ask for some sour cream(origin unknown or politics unknown) for a lovely $1.25 ....and lets just go balls out add some Green onion I'm feelin rich today. Five bucks later I received this luke warm White rose potato with my $2.50 worth of stuff to.......

Ehhh it was ok. My tea was indeed organic but why not Fair Trade? Why stop at the Organic fork in the road? Support had to come full circle to make the ultimate point. NUMI tea right here in the Bay has some of the most beautiful organic fair trade teas that are not at a price point DHARMAS couldn't handle.

Damn potato. I got mouth raped by having to pay for even a pat of butter. $1.25 for a aprox1oz scoop of sour cream. But nowhere did I see on menu where it came from? Strauss Family woulda been so nice to see for the $1.25 price tag. I see there are postings all over the menu with declarations of trying to use organic as possible. What does that really mean? So If I went in the walk in and saw a bevy of non organic items Ole Dharma is off the hook by the wording of his disclaimer? sneaky people sneaky. With all the amazing organic produce all over SC County. Where is the bragging on the menu of the sourcing? So is Mr DHARMA not supporting local organic produce? You'd think he would proudly display such local supported commerce.
4250 Capitola Rd. Capitola Ca
7days 8am _ 9pm
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¡Fräulein! said...

good one!
highway robbery. next time, bake your own you lazy baker you....