Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yum Nuer you say? In Scotts Valley/

Thai Village
218 Mt. Herman rd Scotts Valley Ca
(831) 438-1800
daily 11:00am -9:00pm beer YES

Had to meet Ami today to go over details for a pairing event I'm Cruise directing at Hallcrest Vineyards in Dec. and Scotts Valley was a good middle point. No culinary mecca but today I got a tickle to my senses that perked me up as I hashed out the details of the coming event.
Brand new Thai Village right across from the bagel joint by Walgreens. I got there at the odd mid shift , so the B team was in the kitchen watching over pots of stock for the dinner shift. A young Thai girl who was so friendly and sweet greeted me sat me and had a glass of iced jasmine tea. I set up camp in the small clean main dining area with a view of the patio. I hear music. harrumph huh is that Celine Dions Thai cousin singing away in Thai glory. love. Definitely there are ROSS stores in Thailand cause that's the decor and it worked .I liked the plastic wind up lucky cat sittin on my table with a glass filled with dog dick pink plastic flowers. I'm getting excited its so weird its gotta be good. Menu full of Thai classics from Kao Pod Tod the crispy fried whole kernal corn cakes with a spicy sweet chili, or the Som Tum green Papaya salad or good ole Pad Thai but my eyes went soup. Tom Kah the classic coconut milk based chicken Galangal,lemon grass soup. simple clean singular flavours that Should sing. well well well looky here a hot pot full of steaming soup. First the consistency was light, bright and had everything a girl could ever want in this soup with a SC agriculture twist to make it our own. Fragrant ,sweet, herbal and the just cooked slices of zucchini, savoy cabbage ,white onions,shredded carrot ,mushrooms ,cilantro and broccoli were the supporting cast to the well marinated morsels of white meat chicken all bathed in the broth of house made veg stock,coconut milk,galangal(ginger cousin) lemon grass but no annoying inedible hunks floating around to piss you off when you bite into the bitter reed. a hint of lime perhaps Kafir and a waft of chili. Ta Da I heart soup. Then needed something to sink my teeth in I went for another classic Yum Nuer chili rubbed grilled skirt streak salad with a spicy vinegary dressing over a chopped salad with leaves of cilantro, white and red onion (paper thin)batons of carrot. Again cooked just right and tender yet sweet with a bite to keep your attention. crunchy sweet, salty, bitter and heat. Basta. so simple yet so easy to fuck up. This salad is more dressed than some but to help marinate the ingredients a bit you need the swag. I'm happy. little pots of home made chili paste for the heat freaks was wonderful balance. and clean no crud on rim or sticky finger prints to gross me out.
I'm coming back ....I want to know more. only two items but the Canany in this Thai coalmine did not die. She sang.
If I had to bitch(it was dead at 2:00 and nobody but me and one other table) but don't change the darling babies diaper at the next table. Not on table but come on ..............Go say hi and check em out. Every day it gets a little better.....Eat True The Rest Will Follow xoxoxoxo

see I can be nice. Now where do I get my wind up lucky cat?

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