Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ohhh Los Gatos theres a new boy in town and he has a knife



GNOCCHI NOISETTE: crispy sage brown butter
toasted garlic
shaved grana parmesan 8

As entrée 12

GNOCCHI BETTOLA: house made herb potato dumplings
spiced tomato brandy cream 8

As entrée 12

BRUSCHETTA CAPRESE: heirloom cherry tomatoes
wild arugula
red onion cherries
basil pesto
sea salt 8

CRISPY CALAMARI: tender and crispy artichoke hearts and calamari sauce duo 11

lemon-herb butter
garlic potato puree 12*

CARPACCIO OF BEEF: crispy capers
shaved grana parmesan
wild arugula ciabatta crostinis 10*

OCTOPUS MERCABARNA: grilled Barcelona octopus
red and green grapes
red radish
orange vinaigrette
fresh dill
blood orange sorbet 12*

ROASTED ORGANIC BEETS: red, gold and baby chioga beets
crispy Spanish manchego cheese
lemon dijon dressing
candied nut trio 9*


All Paninis come with your choice of I Gatti house side salad or hand cut Kennebec garlic fries

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM: roasted red pepper cheese
fresh tomato
wild arugula

caramelized cioppolini onions
basil-toasted pine nut pesto
focaccini bun 8

I GATTI MEATBALL PANINI (BAKED): house made i gatti meatballs
mozzarella and parmesan
sweet roll
i gatti marinara
sweet roll
served open face 9

fresh sage
mozzarella cheese
marsala mushrooms
focaccini roll 9

FARFALLE SALCICCIA: chiaramonte spicy italian sausage
fire roasted peppers
creamy tomato fennel sugo 15

CAPPELLINI POMODORO: fresh seasonal tomato
E.V.O.O. 12

with hormone free chicken or wild shrimp 17

FUNGI RISOTTO: braised wild, domestic and imported mushrooms
fresh sherry wine herbs
tartufata truffle butter
chili flakes
sherry wine 15*

CRAB RAVIOLI: sweet crab filled egg pasta
lemon pesto
buttermilk blue cheese cream
toasted pine nuts 18

SAFFRON RISOTTO: grilled wild white shrimp
sun dried cranberries
laura chenel goat cheese
saffron 18*

herb dijon
garlic roasted potatoes
organic mixed greens
laura chenel goat cheese
5 minute egg 15*

CHICKEN CAESAR: organic romaine leaves
house made dressing
house croutons
grana parmesan cheese
elephant garlic chips 13

wild arugula
grilled wild shrimp
buttermilk blue cheese
polenta croutons
sweet toasted hazelnuts
warm honey shallot vinaigrette 14

*=gluten free dish

-all pasta dishes can be made gluten free (except raviolis, meatballs and lasagna)

-split charge on all Paninis and Pasta $3.00


I Gatti

25 E. Main Street

Los Gatos, CA 95030

Phone: 408. 399.5180

Visit us @ www.igattirestaurant.com

Email us @ info@igattirestaurant.com

OK forgot to take a picture too busy chattin up my friend Laura Ness ,local wine writer and broker of SC AVA wines. But I did get a chance to taste a Los Gatos staple with a breath of fresh air brought in by Mike Alsop the new head chef and kitchen puppet master. No clue on his creds but lets dive into the meal.....

  Wine list needs work. Please no usual suspects of Wine Rag fame. We are in the epicenter of such beautiful Vino. Step out pave the way dont follow.....Lunch menu has a nice blend of the old and new to keep the old guard commin and the new gaurd talkin

Luara and I knackered into a nice Calamari with Carchofi (artichoke) on a bed of cabbage. I so wanted to snarfle up the cabbage but huhhhh it wasnt dressed. If it was just there to soak up grease squeeze some blood orange and a bit o walnut oil and Id care less what it was soaking up. It was left on the plate nothing to add to the very nicely prepared calamari. Two shwags to dip :one creamy aoli and one spicy red. No surprizes in palate yet I kep dunkin. Perhaps a fennel and bacon relish with creme fraiche to bring us into fall/winter. AOLI AOLI AOLI wahhhhhhhhhhh. Garlic mayo we got it. well made none the less.

I went with the Chefs suggestion. A slow braised lamb shank panini, pomme frites with a mustard somethin....well . hmmm uhhhh.... crap; I loved it. You could taste the time it took to slow braise with the trinity(carrot onion celery)well seasoned and tender like my Frenchie on Benadryl. All it needed was some good local fig jam(shameless self promotion) on the grilled bread and my eyes would have rolled .Mike knows how to bring his peasant cuts into a proper submission. Pomme frites welp fishin with dynomite. All I needed was a proper Old Fashion (Bourbon people Bourbon)

Lunch over all was great and the Chef is charming and knows his way around a kitchen and it shows.
My one arrghghghghghghgh MIKE take the Chevre off your menu please now now now . The season passed in Sept. All Goats N Sheep must rut in fall to have a healthy productive milking life. Laura Chenel makes just fine Chevre but there is a plethora of washed rinded Goat and Sheep milks cheeses to trade out for the Season.
A Pecorino Pepato or a 18 mo Goat Gouda to shave or make your own Ricotta with cows milk.OHHH Italian Telleggio would be sumptious, regional and seasonal as well very available.

Last. Service was good and attentive but not up my ass. Not much to say about wine list so I did a blind pick of an Italian Chard. Good chewy pear tart on the nose with a well oaked round mouth that really worked with both seafood and my lamb.
I will be back, this is one to support. And it has a full bar, wont kill the wallet and a decor that Nona would aprove of. BASTA

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